About Us

The Ice Cream Barn began as two dreams brought together by a chance encounter. Tom and Jocelyn Seiter, both 31, began churning up small batches of ice cream and selling it at farmers markets and festivals in the summer of 2008. Using fresh, local ingredients to produce their super-premium ice cream, they gained a substantial following for the unrivaled quality of their fresh, creamy ice cream. They dreamed of selling lots of their product to local people, showcasing the possibilities of what can be done when using the quality ingredients grown and produced by local hard-working farmers.

Meanwhile, Kenny Baker, 42, the owner of Baker Farm, harbored a life-long dream of building an ice cream parlour on his farm. Kenny's farm has been in his family since 1880, and many generations have fought hard to keep it a working farm and from being sold off for housing lots. Since inheriting the farm as a kid, when his father died prematurely, Kenny always dreamed of milking cows, and turning their milk into fresh ice cream for people to enjoy on his beautiful farm.

Brought together by a regular customer of Tom and Jocelyn's and a friend of Kenny Baker's, the two dreams began their path toward reality, and The Ice Cream Barn was born. Opened on September 9th, 2012, we have loved every second of bringing smiles to people's faces with our homemade local ice cream. Come on by, and check out what's possible with an amazing scoop of ice cream on a beautiful working New England dairy farm.
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